Natura Morte , Alice Neel

Natura Morte, Alice Neel



Latest Volcano (Marsh Hawk Press, 2016)

Select Poems in Print

"Boston Under Water by 2100," Sugar House Review, 2018
"Origin Story (with Frank O'Hara),"
Subtropics, 2016
"The Real Nightmare,"
Prairie Schooner, 2016
"Expect Any Answer" and "Not This Boston,"
Colorado Review, 2016
"Leda Burning,"
Tampa Review, 2013
"What Remains" and "Nothing to See Here,"
Prairie Schooner, 2011
The Southern Review, 2009


“No One Should Feel That Alone,” Green Mountains Review, 2019
"Leda Burning,"
Verse Daily, 2016, and The New York Times Sunday Magazine, 2017
"Horse-Driven Men,"
Ink Node (Harpur Palate, 2014)
Connotation Press, 2010
"Claes Attempts to Understand Women,"
Rattle, 2010
"The First Husband Buried,"
The Gettysburg Review, 2009
"The Triumph of Light Over Darkness,"
Portland Review, 2008
"The Registry,"
Ink Node (The North American Review, 2008)
"The Locusts Are Swarming,"
Ink Node (The North American Review, 2007)


"Sanctuary," The Golden Shovel Anthology: New Poems Honoring Gwendolyn Brooks, ed. Peter Kahn, Ravi Shankar, and Patricia Smith. University of Arkansas Press.
“De humani corporis fabrica,”
Bared: An Anthology on Bras and Breasts, ed. Laura Madeline Wiseman. Les Femme Folles Books. 2016
“Nothing to See Here,”
Women Write Resistance: Poets Resist Gender Violence, ed. Laura Madeline Wiseman. Hyacinth Girl Press. 2013
“Sometimes, the Trip Across the Continent is Enough.”
Best New Poets 2009: 50 Poems from Emerging Writers, ed. Kim Addonizio and Jeb Livingood. Samovar/
University of Virginia Press. 2009


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Don't Let Me Be Lonely: The Trans-Corporeal Ethics of Claudia Rankine's Investigative Poetics," MELUS 40:1 (2015)

"Entangled Species: The Inclusive Posthumanist Ecopoetics of Juliana Spahr," Journal of Ecocriticism 6:1 (2014)